Sunday, December 18, 2011

~~A CHRISTMAS MENAGERIE~~You won't beleive this Photo Shoot

Ok I get lots of requests for Photo shoots that will be transformed in Christmas Cards.  But I've got to say my latest clients, 4 all together, have redefined the word "FAMILY."  I knew what I was getting myself into, but I had no idea that the Prima Donna of the group, would be the most expressive dog I've ever met.  Meet Nancy and her Menagerie!

 Yes Betsy you are the center of attention pooch.  But let us also acknowledge the Bearded Silkie Bantam(or chicken) and the turtle. Nancy, a retired school teacher, truly enjoys her pets, and thought what a great Christmas card this scene would be.  And she is right, I'm talking about it already and I don't know what photos she will choose.

There were some challenging moments during this photo session. Betsy tried to keep every one in line.
Besty "Hey turtle stay put we aren't finished yet."
Besty " Are you kidding me chicken trying to fly now? Turtle stop showing off! You can't fly"
Besty "Look lady camera person, can you help me get everyone settled?"
Chicken (who I nicknamed Afro Puff) " Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!"
Betsy "Hey whose idea was this? Turtle get off my back."
Afro Puff " Of course I can see."
 Besty "Hey camera lady are we done yet."
Turtle  " I'm done time to wander."

Besty " Now this is more like it.  A portrait of the two most important people. Yea yea I know that I'm a dog , but I am smarter than many humans you know."
Afro Puff " Yea but can you strut that this? I don't think so."
Besty " Hey they can't see me back here.. Turtle look out! Oh no!"
Turtle "I'm ok everyone, now tip me over so I can blow this pop stand!" 
Betsy " ok Turtle but please stay in one place. Don't think I don't see you moving again." At the end of the session we did have some really cute photos, that are sure to start many a conversation.
Also at the end of the shoot, Betsy was in need of some, one on one time with Mom.  She couldn't wait to get all of her attention.
So the next time you are thinking of your Christmas photo, think out of the box, or out of the barn,out of the pond.  Just remember to leave people with something special to "talk to the animals", I mean their friends, about.  Merry Christmas from Debra Snell Photography.

Monday, November 14, 2011


This was not your ordinary photo shoot.  I really only wanted a pair of legs, but mannequins don't take directions. I had one idea in mind to start, and then as creative minds often flow, the movement from my model inspired more images.

 A  few different backgrounds, high heels and positioning brought about very different imagery.

 So my creative mind satisfied, and the models legs really tired, we wrapped this shoot.  I think I was ready for a Pilates class.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Once upon a time, in a city known all over the world, there was a Family named Avalos, that added a girl.  
Bella is a beauty, and the family is happy as could be. 
Especially mommies who got a mini-me.
As busy as families are today, with jobs, caring for kids, sports & school events, it's no surprise that this family with little learners, put their photo ops on the back burner.  Lets see, We need:  1 year old pics with lots of licks...
 big brother has just turned 7,and boy is he in heaven.
Of course we need that money shot of the cute tot.
  Because is thinking ahead to holidays, not yet here.  Which has Bella in a bit of fear.
Don't worry Bella, Alexander doesn't know how to turn the stove on.  Isn't that right Mom?  Besides Bella appears to be the perfect Sous Chef. She did discovered a sticker that was left.
Ok I'm exhausted "big sigh", just in time because, you know who, is about to cry!
Alright time to make up.  Alexander...
Great time to parta...hay hay
Don't be bashful Bella! 
That's it.  Now one more family shot...Or not?

Hey, Come on kids the parents are showing you up ! Whaz's sup?

Ok, so Bella needs a bit more practice.  Now, lets give it all you've got. 
Show me what's hot.
Perfection. Oh, and nice selection. A dream Team in Jeans.