Wednesday, July 17, 2013


When I received a call from my Client & Friend Dean Banowetz, most of you probably know him as "The Hollywood Hair Guy", that he wanted to do a photo shoot with his dream team, Meagan Herrera and Cory Rotenberg, I was THRILLED.  I Love shoots that are just plain FUN!! To say Dean and the ladies are Fun is an understatement.

They are pretty much ready for ANY Hair challenge and have stealth solutions for every split end or freezy frenzy.  They work so well together, they are like a secret mission team working every angle of your beauty disaster.  

In real life they are each over flowing with personality. But don't get me wrong, Dean will crack the whip to get the job done.  Watching them working together is like watching a well choreographed dance. They are in "their" zone and seem to know exactly what the other is thinking, as they are crafting their  masterpiece.
Oh don't get me wrong, there are many moments of  laughter during the process of primping. Dean has more one liners than a stand up comic who is on a roll.  Which is the reason I really look forward to capturing any moment with this magic man.

And now a special recognition for Dean and his Team.  A feature article in "Hot World Class Beauty" magazine. Check it out now!
So proud of Dean, Meagan and Cory they all deserve this wonderful honor. Debra Snell Photography says  "Wigs off to you" team.  You are one CLASS ACT!. Cheers to you Martini Man.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


You expect to enjoy yourself at a 4th of July Parade, and we did.  Especially because this year we had a few new friends with us who has NEVER been to a parade.  

Nancy and two of her children, Meagan and Dean,  came to the Sierra Madre parade with us. A particularly special parade considering we spent many years watching all the festivities with my mom and Pappa. Besides who of us doesn't appreciate the cuteness of a Mayberry RFD style parade.Ok some of you may not be old enough to understand the refrence I know. Its the sweetness and uniqueness of small town America.