Friday, March 16, 2012

~GOING WITH MY GUT~ Capturing Cultures

Sometimes the best of intentions of people we know, can change the road we choose to walk. Even if our first thought is different than theirs.  When I go with my gut instincts, usually the end result makes me very happy.   And so it was a few days ago when I picked up my camera in pursuit of Capturing Cultures. First stop, a park when Older Armenian men go to challenge each other in Backgammon and cards. Some were not so interested in me especially because I had a camera. Others were glad to teach me the game and pose for some pics.

 My first two subjects were my Backgammon teachers.  But I must say I was a bit distracted by the beautiful board they were playing on.

At the next table was a very cute 80 year young man.  He was pretty shy and took a bit of convincing in Armenian to not hide from my camera.  

My next gentlemen was the classic Armenian man stylish in his blazer and hat.

Then it was a matter of looking around to see what my eye could capture next....Here's a selection of what moved me.

Ok off to the next place, also a park.  Here I found a lovely sight.  One that made me smile immediately.  Two neighbors enjoying a moment on a bench together.  A moment that many years ago, would never have happened.  You see, sitting together was an older white man from Texas and a Black woman from Mississippi.  Chatting the day away, inviting me to sit and sing.  I wish that i would have had a video camera.  She was singing some old Sam Cook songs, and proudly talking about her Military husband.  He just sat and smiled at this entertaining day, and watched people come and go away.

Then a moment came when I clicked the shutter and knew immediately that i had, as people in the news business say my "Money Shot".  That moment in time, when you know you've captured an image, that will be with you forever. One that people  will connect with on an emotional level. 

I don't know what he was thinking, and it really didn't matter.

Boy, I'm glad that I listened to my gut on this day.