Monday, February 28, 2011


There is something so very special about a new born babies.  Is it their sweet smell, the softness of the skin, their delicate tiny hands or their angelic faces?  I can’t decide!  But what I can tell you about the latest newborn photo shoot for Debra Snell Photography is that Sweet Stephanie is another jewel on earth.  We had several ideas before the day of the shoot, but what I discovered is that sometimes the best image is one that I didn’t expect.  You have to be patient during these photos shoots because you don’t know how long the baby will sleep, or cry because they are hungry. Lil Stephanie did not like the idea of being unwrapped,  but she sure enjoyed moments gazing at her Mommy & Daddy.  I personally liked it when she was just hanging out on the crib.  

                        Thanks again Claudia & John.  May you have millions more moments like these!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


As a child I grew up starring in wonderment at my mother's Glamorous modeling shots.  She was a Hollywood Starlet to me.  She was elegantly beautiful and classically sexy. This imagery has remained in my mind for years, and now I pay tribute to "Old Hollywood" and my mother as a photographer. Debra Snell Photography encourages women of all ages and backgrounds, that they too can step back in time, and be a Classic Hollywood Starlet, if only for one photo shoot.  With hair, makeup, music, lighting and clothing, I transform each photo shoot into a moment back in the 30's and 40's. To see their faces when I show them a shot of themselves in a way they never have imagined they could look, now that's my favorite moment of each shoot. Legendary Photographer George Hurrell is one of my idols from that era.  I hope you enjoy what I call "Romancing Old Hollywood".  None of the women here are models, just ladies who trusted me when I said "I see you as a Hollywood Starlet." After all, doesn't every woman like to be looked at as a Classic Beauty.  What about You?



Friday, February 11, 2011

SHILOH & SHERRY-Baby's first photo shoot

 There is something special about doing someone’s First photo shoot, even if that person is only 4 weeks old.  The plan was to shoot Shiloh while she was in slumber land. Yea… Ok Debra. It was clear like her mommy that Shiloh has a mind of her own.  Awake or asleep, by herself or snuggled with mom, Shiloh was sweet as can be. To see Sherry with her first daughter, made my heart so warm. These are the moments we live for at Debra Snell Photography. I thought my niece’s daughter  would be the real Diva, but Shiloh just may be Isabella’s newest running buddy.  Enjoy the photos !