Monday, January 19, 2015


It's easy to ask "WHAT IF!" What if Martin Luther King Jr. was still alive? If he was never assassinated?  This is the focus of my annual blog on Martin Luther King Jr's holiday.  I traveled to 3 communities in Southern California today, to chat with people and visualize their thoughts. From Burbank to South Los Angeles and finally Calabasas.

  I asked strangers to write down either one question they would ask Dr. King if he was alive today, or share one thought they would like to share with the Civil Rights Leader.

Here are the questions people would like to pose to Dr. King...

In case you didn't know, Stevie Wonder was instrumental in the campaign to have the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. become a national holiday.  Wonder used his song "Happy Birthday to You", written for Dr. King, to keep the movement for a national holiday center stage.  In 1981 then President Ronald Reagan approved the creation of the holiday. 

These next images,  represents the  8 people who said "no thanks I have nothing to ask or tell Martin Luther King Jr."

There were 4 people from outside of the United States, whose answers surprised me.

 This next mom from Nigeria said she was too shy to be photographed close up, but that I could show her comment with her in the background.
From the King Day Parade in South Los Angeles

 to a popular hang out in Burbank, 

I found many individuals who would love the opportunity to share their hearts with Dr. King.

Of all the questions and comments, one in particular bears repeating.

             Always remember your thoughts hold great significance! 

To all the wonderful people who agreed to let Debra Snell Photography share your thoughts, a big Thank You!! See you in 2016 for our next MLK Day chat. 

As I leave, I do so with one of my favorite quotes from Martin Luther King Jr.