Monday, November 12, 2012


After spending the last few months taking portraits of hundreds of children, Veterans, spending countless hours preparing for my first two photo exhibits, I'm taking a moment to answer the one questions that I am always asked.  "What inspires me as a Photographer"? My answer is simple, "To be in the moment" so I can catch a spontaneous image, that just might touch someone else."

I know it sounds simple but it's not! Too many people pose and over pose, and miss the opportunity to let "life happen" in front of their camera. I was thrilled to pieces the other day while shooting a  preschooler with down syndrome, I love these types of photo shoots. Before I began photographing her, I was told "Good Luck?" I didn't need luck, I just needed to be in the moment with her, and I was so we got some incredible candid shots. 

In the midst of photographing some Veterans, from VFW Post 3208 in Sierra Madre California, I would ask them to tell me about the memorabilia that they brought with them to the shoot.  As they began to talk I began to shoot. The emotions were priceless. Their heartfelt feelings, still so close to the surface, took my breath away and gave me a new found respect for what they went thru.

Yesterday an 8 year old boy was spell bound as he looked at images of a U.S. Navy ship, that sustained serious damage from a hit by a kamikaze pilot during the battle of Iwo Jima. Another priceless moment that might have been just another picture, had I asked him to turn and look at me.  Can't image what goes thru and 8 year old's mind looking at photos like this.
Veterans day is nearly over, yet I find myself still thinking about so many of these unselfish men and women who have given and given to our country.  I didn't plan on writing this blog with a Military theme, it just worked out that way.  Fitting I think, as we wind down Veterans Day 2012. So remember to be "In the Moment" when you hold your camera the next time.  Oh, and one more thing, you don't have to wait until next veterans day to tell a solider "Thanks for Serving."  Just some thoughts from Debra Snell Photography.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I love the rainbow of life, so it's no surprise that I have an innate desire to photography all types of people.  Every Monday I post what I call my  "POWERFUL PORTRAIT" of the week on my Debra Snell Photography facebook page. These are images of everyday people,  that I see as I walk my path of life.
Here is a Collection of some of those wonderful images.





This is what I have seen in my days.  What do you see in yours?

Saturday, June 23, 2012


I had a wonderful time on a recent photo shoot that involved a Father & Son.  Let me just say when clients have a good time in their Photo Session, so does Debra Snell Photography. This shoot was particularly special. The last time I photographed Young Gunnar Sizemore, he was only 5 and new to the acting world. 

As you can see by this image Gunnar has grown and so too has his acting resume.  A true chip off the old block, considering his dad Kevin Sizemore is a veteran actor.  I love this two shot because it reveals how close they are, and how closely Gunnar has studied his Daddy.  Usually when shooting head shots the idea is to get a few different looks and moods.



Mischevious is always good...


Business like...

Sexy...Oh hold on there, Gunnar you have a many years before this look. 

 We'll let Dad take this one.

Wow nice job dad.  As you can see we had two successful photo sessions.  By the looks of how easy it was for the Father & Son Sizemore team to embrace many characters, I think it's safe to say we will see much more of them on screen.  Oh, by the way this is an "all in the family" team.  Mom, Gina Lombardi, is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach for many in the entertainment industry, plus an TV Host and author. 

I think our next shoot should be a family portrait session don't you....Stay tuned.  In the meantime you can check out this "talented trio" in the links below.  Bye for now! Debra Snell Photography!/kevinsizemore

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I must admit I have NEVER seen the sport of Slacklining until recently. I was minding my own business, taking my dog to the park, and as I drove up I saw this guy balancing high in the air on a line.  I was memorized ,I had to park and come for a closer look.  This is what I saw.


     Now let me just say a few things before you decide to try Slacklining.  Concentration, the kind that only true yogi's understand, is VERY important.  Balance, Yes it is required on this 1 inch nylon webbing.  I'm not talking about the balance it takes to walk in 3 inch heels.
 Nice recovery on the left.  These guys tie things between two trees, about 6-7 feet off the ground. Then they simple go for it, regardless of the wind, which on this day was killer. 
Oh yea the guy on the right was intentionally bouncing on the webbing, and the wind  was so fierce, that when the noone was on the webbing, it was shaking so much you could hear a humming sound.  
Kind of looks like a karate move with his hands.  This was truly an exhilarating sport to watch.  Don't think I am brave enough, for focused enough to tryit. But I do want to give props to one young lady who was practicing on a lower webbing, and then decided to try the line with the big boys.  She did great!
This was so cool to watch I made one of the images my Powerful Portrait of the week on my Debra Snell Photography facebook page.
Slacklining was first created by a couple of Rock Climbers, who started by walking on some chains and cables 1979.  Then they came up with flexible webbing, which seems to make much more sense to me.  114 million people saw this cool sport during the  Super Bowl Half Time show this year.  Debra Snell Photography tips its hat to all those agile and brave slackliners out there.  Keep Balancing. Hope you enjoyed left me a comment.