Monday, November 8, 2010

"A Symbol of our Soldiers" Veterans Day 2010

I am reminded of all my family and friends who so courageously served in the military. I captured an image last year in Los Angeles that I have since given to many servicemen, servicewomen and their families as a thank you. This photograph has taken on a life of it's own as people embrace what it represents to them.  This is the story of"A Symbol of our Soldiers."

 On October 20, 2009 I was out in the afternoon with camera in tow, looking for inspiration. Photographers do that a lot. While shooting some colorful leaves that had fallen, I looked behind me and saw the American flag.  It struck me how beautiful the flag looked back lite by the sun.  But even more poignant, more emotional, was the fact that this once intact symbol of American pride was now torn. Like the men and women who pledge their lives in service to our country, yet return emotionally and physically damaged, this flag is truly a Symbol of our Soldiers!  I can only hope that this Image Art stands as a reminder to us all, the price that is often paid by our precious military and their families.  Thank You, Thank You for your Service!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Face of Lace" Image Art

When is a picture a "photo",when is a picture "image art."I think as we allow our artist eye to move past the obvious, beyond the predictable, and flow into the world of intrigue, emotion and story telling, we create image art.  Something as simple as a piece of lace, and the contrast of black and white,  can transform  a portrait into "image art." People ask me what I do for a living. I normally respond "I'm a photographer." But when I immerse myself in shoots like this one and see what develops, I realize I am really an "Imagery Artist."  Often times my favorite photos are captured in an instant, in the middle of a photo shoot.   That's what happened with this self portrait. A moment of testing my lights, became a moment of expression for Debra Snell Photography.   And so "Face of Lace" was born!  You're thoughts?