Saturday, January 7, 2012


After meeting the Bianchi Family one thing was clear, LOVE is not in short supply.  They are a typical busy family, both parents doing that juggling act with work and chasing after two young girls. Their passion, Bianchi is an Italian name, runs throughout this very expressive family. The first part of this Pregnancy Package photo shoot, began sweetly....
While very picturesque, the littlest one who has enough energy for 3 girls, decided that she was done sitting still.  So while she went on her way, Mom and big sis were ready for their close up's.  
So precious, big sis can't wait for baby brother to arrive.  But then the realization of mommy's tummy got the best of her.
OK time for Mom to have some quiet time...
Was she ready for her moment or what?  So elegantly poised!!  Still, I couldn't wait to shoot this next image.
The kids aren't the only mischievous Bianchi's.
Of course we can't forget dad, a huge Boston Red Soxs fan!!! I can only imagine how he is dreaming of taking his baby boy to a game!!
This day would end in the girls favorite room in the house.  Most of these fun photo's are just for their eyes only.  But I do have one cute peak at this bubbly bunch.

On December 29th, the most perfect package arrived to bring complete joy to this family for Christmas.  Just over a week later, baby boy Bianchi was ready for his first photo shoot.  I love watching the true tenderness and amazement that  graces the faces of parents, as they hold their new little bundle. No question Daddy loves his girls, but having a boy is a different thrill for dad's.

Baby Bianchi is a breath of fresh air, like a curious kitten.
 Because he is a bouncing boy, I thought we'd get an early look at how he'll fit with a favorite toy of many boys.

Can you understand why I LOVE my job!!!   And why Momma is glowing.

 Congratulations Bianchi Family and thank you so much for choosing Debra Snell Photography to capture such memorable moments. Now sleep tight baby boy.