Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Whether you are a person interested in having professional photos done for the first time, or you are a bit obsessed with "Selfies", always remember that each of us has an inner Diva.  So don't just do the easy pouting of your lips, or over reach for the sexy look, dig deep down inside and reach for that inner Diva and have fun.  Image you are posing for the cover of a magazine, or that you are on a tropical Island and shooting for Sports Illustrated.  Ok maybe you just stepped off of a huge movie studio lot  and feel like a star. My point is you can have gorgeous images if you just believe and trust your photographer.  Case in point Acacia Lain Peers, an admitted lover of Selfies, but not real experienced in front of a professional photographers camera. You would never know that by the image below.

Acacia took direction beautifully, and was as graceful as she could be, given the fact that I asked her to arch her back  beyond her comfort level, while standing on one foot wearing 3 inch heels.  The mood was very Old Hollywood, one of my favorite styles to shoot, and the makeup and hair and location ( an industrial park quiet on a sunday) added to our desire to transport her to the past.

But all of those elements alone would not have created these wonderful images, unless Acacia was willing to believe she could be that Sexy Siren of Old. She replied on me to guide her to that place she had never been.  As a result the next image has become my most viewed photo on FACEBOOK.

 Acacia captured the essence of the woman in her imagination. I'd say pretty convincing for a 21 year old on her first professional shoot. Did we connect as photographer/client yes! Did she give it her all absolutely!  It's safe to say Acacia surprised herself. 
Her is a peek at a few more of her magical moments.


Ok so it's time for you to reach for your best the next time you are in front of the camera.  Something out of your comfort zone that is classic. Go ahead and make Debra Snell Photography proud.  We love beauty of all kinds, especially if it comes from deep within you!!

Next time , one of my favorite people to photograph.  He truly has more personality or is it personalities, than any one I know. LOL Oh and he has more talent in his little finger than many do in their whole body.  Just a hint, it's time to go Hollywood in Style.