Sunday, November 17, 2013


Last Saturday Debra Snell Photography headed over to D-Con 2013 in Pasadena California. Having never been to a Designer Con event, I wasn't sure what to expect. Boy was this trip entertaining and filled with incredible artists. There were Dinosaurs , Mermaids and Monkeys oh my!!

 This Christmas Tree with a real attitude was pretty creepy cool.

This Cutie  from "NRC Relic" was a favorite of mine.
I must say though the D-Con fans really intrigued me. They came in all shapes and sizes with Tattoos and toddlers in tow.  

Dedicated to the designers and determined to get up close and personal with these amazing pieces of art.

This guy and many others couldn't get close enough to evaluate the pieces form the Artist known as "EVILOS" Check out his work.

Many fans from across the country even stopped to chat it up with Christopher Avalos, or EVILOS.

Fans wanted to know Evilos's inspiration for his pieces, and the "HOW" of how he crafted those crystal clear works of art.  There were generations of families that came to D-Con.  Families who have clearly passed on their passions, for these artists and their art work. 

When EVILOS was tweeting about the event, his wife Heidi was front and center to welcome fans & customers.

 In fact many of the vendors were working side by side with other family members. Not only was this a fascinating event to attend, I learned to really appreciate the world of Urban Artistry. 

Its was evident by the sheer number of people in attendance, that  I have come to this party a bit late.  None the less, I am aboard the D-Con train now and can't wait to attend the next show.