Friday, September 30, 2011


I had never met Anie & Hovic until the day of their Engagement Photo Shoot. Their mom surprised them buy hiring me to take photos for their engagement party. When I saw them for the first time, I smiled at the presence of  "young love."  It was clear in the way they whispered to each other, teased each other and the way they just seemed to fit together so content in their space.

They wanted to shoot at the beach, so I chose a location that seemed like it was in some exotic place.  This sweet Armenian couple, comes from a culture steeped in beautiful romantic tradition!  There's is the latest love story added to generations of relationships, that make up the fabric of their extensive family.

I learned something new spending time with Anie & Hovic.  The ring that rests on her finger is a promise of love, the actual engagement is official on the day of their engagement party.  One person described that day as a half wedding, which often includes a priest  So much to learn from so many different cultures.
Their love is so evident, as was their youthfulness...
Oh, one thing to always remember..  When shooting on the beach, expect the unexpected!!!   
No worries, No injuries. :-)  Being that I have an extensive background in Television News, I love capturing the images that surprise people and I instinctively visualize images in a story telling manner.  Who doesn't like to have their photos look like a magazine cover, right?
There is so much to be discovered between these two. There are many chapters yet to be written in this love story. For now though, if you are lucky enough to get to experience Anie & Hovic each day, just sit back and enjoy the evolution of their connection
 Many Blessings to you both.  Thanks for filling my day with so much life, and for reminding me why I love being a photographer.