Tuesday, July 9, 2013


You expect to enjoy yourself at a 4th of July Parade, and we did.  Especially because this year we had a few new friends with us who has NEVER been to a parade.  

Nancy and two of her children, Meagan and Dean,  came to the Sierra Madre parade with us. A particularly special parade considering we spent many years watching all the festivities with my mom and Pappa. Besides who of us doesn't appreciate the cuteness of a Mayberry RFD style parade.Ok some of you may not be old enough to understand the refrence I know. Its the sweetness and uniqueness of small town America.

These 3 lovely's are with us.
Back to the newcomers. I wasn't sure how little Meagan would react to her first Parade.

I dont know what I was concerned about...Let's check in on her big brother Dean

Well that worked like a charm, and now he is a fan of Buicks from 1907.  In case there was a need for some training, we did bring out best Parade trainer,  2 year old Isabella Avalos.

She was not about to be jipped out of getting her 3rd red rose...She knew how much five bucks would get her!!  Oh yea Isabella did bring her parents along too.

 And how Daddy Chris lucked out and was hand fed grapes by wife Heidi, while Bella fanned him, is beyond my understanding. I guess he just has it like that!

Another new face at the parade, and what a face she has, my newly adopted daughter Acacia.

 She LOVES vintage cars....and nearly left with the cute guy in the fire truck.  
But the highlight of the day, brought smiles and tears as Bella's big brother Alexander Road with the grand marshalls of the parade, VFW Post 3208.  You see Xander was representing Pappa, Mike Di Domenico, who passed away in March at 97.

With Pappa's picture on the side of the car, Xander joined with the WWII Veterans in the vehicle waving to the crowd, because for the first time in many years Pappa could not.

This 4th of July was special for many reasons...especially when we saw how proud Xander was to represent Pappa one more time. Thanks you VFW Post 3208 for this wonderful honor that you bestowed on our family.  Thank you for loving our Pappa for so many decades... Thank you Debra Snell Photography followers, for allowing me to share this personal story

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