Sunday, December 26, 2010

"AMAZING APRIL"-Teaching with Class

 There's something special about photographing someone who gives so much to society.  April is a teacher, a mom, a wife, a friend and most importantly a remarkable woman.  That she trusted me enough to step out of her comfort zone, and allow me to uncover the many sides of April, is an honor. I know her husband IS loving the surprise Christmas photos.  Thanks April.  Can't wait to shoot the entire family.


April said...

Debra, You are amazing!

Byron said...

Anyone can take pictures, but not everyone can capture a personality through a lens! Debra, that's exactly what I got when you took pictures of my wife. You perfectly captured the charm and charisma that I see every time I look into my wife's eyes. If I could have only one picture of my wife, it would be one that you took!

You are a person who obviously takes great pride and care in making sure you get more than just a picture. I can't recommend you enough. If people want more than just pictures, they want you Debra! Thanks Dee!

Debra Snell said...

Husbands like you are one of the reasons why I thoroughly enjoy photographing wives, especially those who have never had a professional photo session. It was so clear how much April was thinking about you during this shoot. She mentioned your name and what you like several times, which helped me guide her to the fantastic images we ended up with. I thank you for your glowing comments. It's obvious the beautiful bond that you and April have as a couple. It's my pleasure to help her make you smile a bit more.
I must say you brought tears to my eyes when you described what you see when you look into her eyes.
Thank you.