Sunday, January 2, 2011

"THE PARKERS" a Fabulously Fun Family

 One of the highlights of the Holidays is "Family Photos sessions."  When it comes to FUN, the Parkers are always a joy to photograph.  Let's face it, this family is fantastic looking.  But much more than that, they don't take themselves so seriously.  They enjoy each other, life and laughter.  I've been taking pictures of the Parkers for many years, even before I became a professional photographer.  I can only hope when the boys get married and have kids, I'm still the one they call for photo shoots.  On this Christmas card shoot, it was all about the many sides of the Parkers.  From serious to silly, to loving and chilly, we had a ball creating this card.  So too did I!!  See you next year Precious Parkers.

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