Monday, January 17, 2011

A day to CELEBRTATE, a day to REFLECT, my day your THOUGHTS

I've spent the last two days thinking about Dr. Martin Luther King.  How as a child I was so touched by his story, vision and tragic ending, that I wrote a report about Dr. King.  So with my camera strapped to my shoulder I wondered looking for scenes that reminded me of Martin Luther King.  Some of what I saw I think he'd smile about; other photos might sadden his heart. Today I went to the streets to see what people were thinking on this Holiday.  What would you say to Dr. King? What would you ask him?  The following photos are my Tribute to a man who made me understand the beauty of LIFE.  The sheer intrigue and  fascination of life, comes with a world of colors. 

 For all of you who were a part of this idea, for those who let a stranger ask you personal questions and take your photos, Thank You.  Your willingness is what CHANGE is all about.  I hope you enjoy this photo series. 

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A Proud Father said...

Such simple statements in response to such a monumental undertaking. It doesn't always take many words to convey the most perfect answer. Very nicely done Dee Dee.