Friday, May 20, 2011


"Primping" for the Prom was certainly one of my favorite things about prom night.  Leah and Ben were perfectly coordinated for their prom night.  I'd say "Poly" Perfect. They decided to have their photo shoot at the classic San Fernando Mission in Mission Hills.  We had a blast and they looked like they were ready for the cover of a magazine.  So that's what I decided to do, a shoot that was like a cover shoot.  A favorite style of shooting here at Debra Snell Photography.When it came to getting into character, Leah and Ben were well ready to impress.

Trends in Photography today are a flash back to the past.  When it comes to photography Vintage, Lomography and Antique colorizing, are all the rage with today's young generation.  Also our setting was perfect for these types of looks.  So here you go.

  It helps to have models who are confident, and Leah and Ben became more and more confident as the shoot progressed.


 Leah & Ben thanks so much for making this Prom shoot so much fun for me.  As a photographer I really love being creative, and if the people I'm capturing images of are also willing to take things to the next level, that's even better.

I hope everyone at Poly High School had a fantastic prom night.  The intriguing part of your lives has only begun. Bye for now.

They are Red Carpet READY!!!!

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A Proud Father said...

I really enjoyed that shoot. Certainly not the ordinary prom picture. I always find favorites among the many photos. They were all great, but I really liked the darker softer ones. I don't know the difference between the techniques to know one from the other by name, but I always know what I like. I imagine Leah and Ben are the envy of their class. Great job Dee.