Monday, May 2, 2011


It's always a pleasure to update heads for a regular Debra Snell Photography client.  To reconnect, to see how they have changed and to brainstorm about what this new session should project.  I drove to beautiful Pacific Palisades to photography Joy Chudacoff, founder of Smart Women Smart Solutions™. 

 As a wife and mother of two, Joy set out two decades ago to empower women to create extraordinary lives at work and at home.  That's why she founded Smart Women Smart Solutions™.  She was referred to me by another amazing double career mom, Dr. Wendy Walsh.  For this years photo shoot, Joy decided to go for some new colors, and I wanted to capture her in a few different ways.  This very confident & accomplished business woman is also a very approachable woman, wife and mother.

  We did have a few interruptions because of mother nature. First their was the wind...

 Notice she never lost her pose!  Then there was the random tree branch trying to steal Joy's moment.
 Then the wind AGAIN!! Joy brushes her hair out of her face and still looks good! Hum?

 No amount of wind would be enough to prevent her from nailing the next shot as you can see. 
Back inside things were more calm.
 Joy is a joy to work with because she arrived at her photo shoot ready to get down to business, and left making you feel she really came to
to see how your business & life are progressing.  This is one SMART WOMAN with many SMART SOLUTIONS!  Look at what she is doing for so many women 

 Debra Snell Photography enjoys clients like Joy!

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