Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MAGNIFICANT MONTANA~~The Lanscapes, The Livestock & The Luscious Colors.

So I recently went to Montana to do some interviews for the new movie by Universal called COWBOYS & ALIENS.  I had never been there before, but I knew it was worth taking my camera for any down time I might have. The backdrop for this press event  was the incredible PAWS UP RESORT.  The scenery was breathtaking.  I felt like I had walked into a Marlboro commercial or onto the set for a Western Movie.  The images are what inspired me, what took my breath away and what I hope will make you wish you were there.  While Debra Snell Photography specializes in portraits and zed card shoots, the Image Artist in me loves to capture beauty during unexpected opportunities like this trip.  Enjoy LIFE THRU MY LENS!

One night we were treated to a good old fashion BBQ and a lovely sunset.

 My last photo was of something that we found nestled in the eve of a garage, near where we did our interviews with the celebrities.  I think this guy became a celebrity in his or her own right!!
I think I'll call this lil one "Spike the Sparrow".  Hope ya'll enjoyed the images from Montana. I wish you could see these in large mega pixels, but I have to protect my livelihood. Just a reminder 
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, fantastic scenery. Love the close up on the horse with those beautiful eyes.
Great job.
Michael Priddy

Debra Snell said...

It certainly is God's country. I love that photo as well. Thanks Michael for always being so supportive of my work

Francisco said...

Beautiful, amazing and mavelous scenery.
Wonderful Pictures I love them all, you are a pro Debra.

A Proud Father said...

I have been there myself. It is indeed God's country. It is a tranquil reminder that the past is not gone but alive and well in the vastness of the open range. I think that you captured that spirit. Not the work nor the activities, but the undertone of a very simple and romantic way of life. I always love your work Dee.

amarsh said...
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amarsh said...

haha those are my two fjords the first pictures those are my boys thats awsome

amarsh said...

hey those are my horses!! haha the two fjords thats awsome