Sunday, August 28, 2011


If nothing else at one-year-old, Baby Bella is truly and adventure to experience.  And so it was at her 1st birthday party, a real fast moving, fun frilly, splashtacular Saturday.  Oh did I say tutu wearing birthday girl.

Like most parties Bella had guests.  
The zebra bikini was more than I ( her great auntie) could handle.  :-)  But back to the bash. Or should I say Bella's showcase.  Of course she had to let those of us who didn't know, that she can stand on her own!

Bella's Mom , a fashionista in her own right, made sure the birthday girl had the perfect outfit for the cup cake themed party.  Which was at her Uncle and Aunt's house in Saugus, and noone could have predicted it would be 108.5.  Thanks goodness they have a pool. Right Bella?

Big brother Xander was quick to leave his little sis and jump right in the pool.
But my highlight was just trying to keep up with the Princess of the Party, and make sure the shots that I took were blurry.

With or without what is fastly becoming her trademark bow and headband, Bella is a cute as they come.
Snap the picture already Aunt DeeDee!!

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Francisco said...

Very Gorgeous Baby. And so beautiful pictures taken by Debra.