Monday, March 21, 2011

"HEAD SHOTS" You don't have one? REALLY?

People ask me all the time,  "Do I really need a headshot?" 

We live in a time where making an impression is essential to getting a job, connecting with new clients, standing out to College Admissions boards, your marketing approach and getting more followers on your blog.  Gone are the days where the only people with head shots are actors & models hoping to be the next big star on Hollywood boulevard!  I think everyone needs a good head shot to be more successful & marketable today.
 This are all types of head shots depending on your industry and focus.  The Debra Snell Photography clients that you see here represent a wide variety of  professions. They are Accountants, Authors, Teachers, Insurance Agents, Singers, Actors, Doctors and Students.  In my opinion the perfect head shot is one that really represents you, not some unrealistic version of you. An image that shows your personality and just how approachable you are.

 They can be taken inside or outside with natural lightening or lights.  Just make sure that what you are wearing isn't taking away from your face.  Know if you want to look more corporate or more naturally approachable. Know your best colors, people with blue or green eyes usually look better with those colors, because it makes their eyes pop.

So if you don't have a head shot, start thinking about taking one.  Pick a photographer that you feel comfortable with and search prices.  Using some old picture, like people often do on internet dating sites, is NOT the best way to go.  Embrace who you are today and look the best you can.  Good Luck !

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