Sunday, April 10, 2011


 I caught up with a regular Debra Snell Photography client last week, so that we could update her photos.  You already may know Lissa Coffey.  
She is an Author, Relationship Expert, Life Style Designer, Spokesperson, Wife, Mother and all around amazing woman, and now Lissa is getting ready to start a fantastic web series. 
 So we did a lifestyle shoot to show the many sides of this sensational woman.  As a photographer I always enjoy our shots because Lissa is so flexible and low key, not to mention easy to photograph.
  She is no question beautiful, fun, playful, inspirational and very knowledgeable about lots of “life stuff.”  Ok so maybe that’s not the best description, but it is REAL. 
 People are buzzing about this beauty and you can see why if you check out her website for the latest.   Lissa you are a real Jewel!  Best of luck on the new Web series.


MichaelP30 said...

She's quite beautiful. And once again your shots are great! Thanks.

DoshaDiva said...

Thanks, Debra! You are amazing - and so fun and easy to work with. I love these shots! :-)

Debra Snell said...

@Michael Yes she is beautiful inside and out!! Thanks for the kind words.
@Lissa I am happy that you are happy I love when my regular clients are as inspiring as you are. Can't wait to see the Web Series.