Friday, October 15, 2010

Beautiful "Baby Bella" ~My favorite shoot this week~

Isabella Avalos is a real charmer!

Only 7 weeks old, Bella is already comfortable
in front of the camera. She poses, smiles in a mischievous way,
sings and evens knows the look from the Austin Powers movie. 
Hum? How does she know that? No one has to Sella Bella, because
she does that all by herself.  Which makes me think I should wish her 
parents Heidi and Chris good luck in the future.

Bella you sure were Swella!



Debra Snell said...

Wow Bella you are getting a lot of attention on my facebook page. If this is this any indication of your future, your dad better hire a bodyguard. :-)

Babyxandersmom said...

He already has!! He said that is Xander's job as the big brother!! Great pics!! I love them!! My little girl sure is a beauty!!

A Proud Father said...
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A Proud Father said...

A Proud Father said...
Every day I meet someone who cannot get their mind around the idea there is a God. As for me, it is a simple notion that comes without any effort, and one which I could not imagine being without. When I see a child such as Bella, it boggles my mind that some people would attribute her laugh, her smile, the twinkle in her eye, and the scent of her brand new skin is to some evolutionary hybrid that began in the bowels of the earth rather than a Divine creator who best job is to create beauty. I don't know Bella but I can hear her giggle and and share in her excitement. I will probably never meet her, but I know of her because of you. You have done innocence and this little child justice. I hope dad has a strong heart if not bodyguards, because this little girl is going to be a teenager one day. Today we will bless Bella, tomorrow we will bless dad. Sincerely, a Fan.

Debra Snell said...

Maybe more likely PRAY for mom and dad. :-)