Sunday, October 10, 2010

Photo of the Week "Capturing Camouflage"

Every week I will blog about the 
"Photo of the Week".

Capturing images is what photographers do. 
But don't always rely on your "eyes", because you just 
mighty miss what your imagination will allow you to
see.  Be open to what is there, even if you are
expecting something else.



A Proud Father said...

A metaphoric visual for the way too many people feel. While bugs, insects, and animals use camouflage as a defense against threats, we people should not just blend in but rather stand out in boldness so not be lost in the background. We are a species that requires more than existance, we require each other. Funny how something as simple as a bug on a leaf can be viewed so differently by so many. Thanks DeeDee, I'm thinking again. Sincerely, a fan.

Debra Snell said...

Proud Father
Your eloquence is so appreciated. You are a real word smith and a thought provoking person. I know many people who blend into the background. Stepping out of the shadows can be so frightening for those whose feelings are tender to the touch. I suppose like insects, for some people trusting "Humans" is not something that comes easy. The insects fear physical harm, people fear emotional harm. I love that IMAGE ART can inspire conversation and wide variety of interpretations. Thanks for sharing your deeply inspiring view of "Capturing Camouflage.

A Proud Father said...

Your words are as enticing as your art. What you say is true, venturing into the abyss can be very scary, especially for some, myself included, whose history provides much reason for hesitance. I believe however, if we search not for the person in humanity, but instead the living God, our fears become impotent. Sometimes we have to look past the worn mask to find the soul wherein God dwells within us. Before we can do that however, we too must take down our own mask in order that we can be recognized. Sometimes our fears are difficult to overcome, for our hearts to heal, for memories to fade. For me, I do my best to do exactly as the Son has asked of me, I give them to Him. The Father made us to have dominion upon the earth, not to hide within its comouflage like a bug. I am always reminded of the reaching of hands between Adam and God in the art of Michangleo. For each of us there is such a loving hand, but we must reach out to meet it. A proud father.