Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween "Senior Style"

There are no Rocking Chairs for these
seniors in Arcadia California. In fact, Halloween 2010
was just an excuse for this geriatric group to get its groove on
& make it a "night of fright." OK so maybe it was an early night.
Nevertheless, "Who says Halloween is just for kids." When I reach
my 80's & 90's, I sure hope I still have a youthful spirit like these
folks!  At Arcadia Gardens Retirement Hotel, there
were 6, count them 6, residents between the ages of 100-106 at the party. 


A Proud Father said...

A wonderful collection of beautiful faces and personalities. We need more of our seniors online, exposed, so we can appreciate them more. We too often tuck them away, and for no good reason. Let's bring them back into all our lives, actively and frequently. Nice post DeeDee. A proud father.

Debra Snell said...

Thanks Proud Father I couldn't agree with you more!