Monday, August 29, 2011



6 Years ago today Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast with such vengeance, that to this day we still shake our heads in utter disbelief.  The horrific reality in New Orleans, the obliteration of town after town, the jaw dropping images will never be forgotten. We prayed that Hurricane Irene would NOT be a repeat Nightmare.  

Today is a day I would like to honor those who did not survive Katrina, those who are STILL trying to rebuild their lives, homes and towns.  I spent two weeks in the ravaged areas volunteering. Then again 6 months later.  6 YEARS later, there are still desolate areas that are a constant reminder of what happened and what hasn't happened, to those who are trying to move on.  I will never forget the people, the toxic smells, the stories of miraculous survival, the shocking bomb like destruction.  You can still help in the volunteer efforts, please do. 

Dateline: New Orleans Sept 14, 2005


Dateline: Waveland Mississippi  Sept 18, 2005


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