Wednesday, August 31, 2011


It’s never more urgent to document a life, then when we are told that life is unsure.  I want to share with you the precious story of a daughters need to freeze a moment in time   A story that many of you will no doubt identify with, on a deep emotional level. A story I was given permission to share.

 I was approached by a woman that I know named Daisy, who said she wanted to have professional pictures of her mother taken,  As quickly as those words came out of her mouth, tears began to fill her eyes. She told me that her mom, who is known as MaMa Ding, was recently diagnosed with cancer. Daisy wanted to take pictures before Mama Ding lost her hair. I quickly answered yes! 

This soon turned into a family shoot with Daisy, Mama Ding and Daisys 11-year-old daughter Hannah, You see, Mama Ding is Daisys best friend and the woman who helped raise Hannah when they moved to L.A. from the Philippines 7 years ago. 

  A few days later, Daisy asked to move the photo shoot up to this weekend, because Mama Ding was loosing her hair already.  Mama Ding, Daisy and Hannah showed up to the shoot , Mama Ding sporting a smart looking wig.I wanted to capture these 3 generations of one family, in whatever way they responded to each other.  It was clear from the start how close they are. 

Some observations:

~To remember a smile, a laugh, how someone’s hand feels in your palm, or the gentle caress of fingers as a few hairs are brushed from your face by another. 

~The security of resting your head on the shoulders of a loved one, a person who knows all of your strengths and insecurities and loves you still.  

~A distinct fragrance that reminds you of someone special who has brought you so much wisdom and strength.
~The fragile smile, that masks the tornado of emotions inside, that you display to be strong for others.


These were the moments that I discovered while watching a mother, daughter and granddaughter thru my lens. I am so humbled to have witnessed their love and tenderness.  And so I am reminded that we shouldn’t waste time talking about what we will do tomorrow, we should do it today! Celebrate life while you can and capture the moments that will be lasting memories.Do it yourself or find a professional, but just do it!

On this day, these special women smiled,whispered,laughed and connected with each other in a way that inspird me to write to you..  

 No one really knows the time we have, sometimes not even doctors.  But Daisy knew she didn't want to wait to have this experience with the woman who gave her life. I think this was about more than just getting a portrait of Mama Ding. It was a chance to honor a woman, a matriarch, a best friend and grandmother in a way that would last  forever in their hearts. 

 Words can not explain how I feel about having been a small part of this day.  Thanks you Daisy.

This may be my most memorable photo shoot ever! This indeliable image just has to be repeated.

 Bless you Mama Ding, Daisy and Hannah

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